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The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations
2006 (as amended),was introduced in July 2006
and is now a legal requirement.

Business to Business use.

This agreement applies to relevant Electrical and Electronic
Equipment (EEE) which has been purchased from
Dancap Electronics by it's customers and other
purchasers which are not private households.

The buyer of this relevant EEE, acknowledges
and agrees that the buyer shall:

A) At all times be and remain responsible for the collection,
treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal
of relevant WEEE and
all associated financial charges.

B) Have it's own arrangements in place for dealing with the
relevant WEEE in a way that is consistent with the
WEEE regulations and to continue to comply
with all WEEE regulations.

C) Provide Dancap Electronics with such co-operation,
assistance and information as may be reasonably
required in relation to WEEE.
The information will be used for Dancap Electronics
obligations under the WEEE regulations.

We can confirm that Dancap Electronics is a Registered
Member of this Compliance Scheme and
has been from the beginning.

The above statement is accurate to the best
of our knowledge and belief.

Dancap Electronics is run as a Partnership
by Paul & Christina West.